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1) Mr Mojo Risin is an anagram for Jim Morrison. Jim told several friends that after he faked his death, he would send them a note letting them know he was alive and well. The name he said he'd use was Mr Mojo Risin. He also chants the phrase in La Woman.

2) Pamela Courson (from here out known as Pam) got "comfy" with Mick Jagger at The Doors' Hollywood Bowl concert on July 5, 1968, according to Ray, John & Robby.

3) Harrison Ford, prior to his film carrer, used to take pictures at Doors' concerts and also did some carpentry work for Paul Rothchild, producer to TDs & Janis Joplin.

4) Jim did the vocals to "When the Music's Over" in one take.

5) This is a dialog from "The Door's Collection" audio commentary of the surviving members:
Robby: "I went to pick him (Jim) up at his house, and him and Pam were on acid, man. They were like, out there. You know? So I decided to take them over to Griffith Park 'cause the were like freaking out, you know?"
Ray: "Yeah."
Robby: "So I said, 'Come on, you guys. I'm gonna take you to Griffith Park, you know? And I'll drop you off there and you can come to the studio tomorrow.' And all of a sudden I start to look and, 'Jim, you got to put your pants on, man.' He was just walking out of the house without pants on. Or underpants."
Ray: "What kind of freaking out were they doing?"
Robby: "I don't know but they called me earlier that day. 'Robby! You gotta save us man. We're f*cked, man. We're freaking out.' You know?"
Ray: "Blood? Was Pam seeing blood again? Pam had a tendency to see blood. Razor blades and blood."
Robby: "I don't remember. All I remember is...I theorized that to save them, I would take them to Griffth Park. And they lived. So it worked."
Ray: "Excellent."

6) Here's one more dialog: Ray: "That reminds me of the time when Jim was on acid and missed the first set at the Whisky A Go-Go and we had to go get him from the Alta Cienega motel. So it's like a Thursday night. He misses the first set and the three of us played. And it was no big deal. ... There was nobody in the club. Phil Tanzini (the club owner)...said 'I'm paying for four guys. You's better get four guys on the stage.' Ok ok. So off we went...over to the Alta Cienega. What room was Jim staying in?" John: "No no. Sandy Kofax's Tropicana."
Ray: "Tropicana. Exactly."
Robby: "That was before he moved to the Alta Cienega."
Ray: "That's right. That's right. ... That was room 203."
John: "Yeah, so Jim wouldn't open the door for a while."
Ray: "Knock knock knock. 'Ah, Jim. Jim. It's John, and Ray, and Robby. Ah, Jim.' Knock knock knock. 'We know you're in there.' And you could here little scurry, scurry, scurry. Noises like that."
John: "Finally, opened the door. Did he climb onto the bed or something?"
Robby: "He was under the bed."
John: "Yeah."
Ray: "Did he go back under the bed?"
Robby: "Yeah!"
Ray: Laughing--"He opened the door and jumped back under the bed."
John: "And he came out and opened a drawer and said, 'Here. Take some of these.' 'Um, yeah, we gotta gig man.'"
Ray: "His eyes were just blazing."
Robby:"He had a whole pound of grass in the drawer, I remember that."
Ray: "He was wearing underwear and boots. That's all he had on. Underwear and boots. WE looked at him and said, 'Oh man, what are you on, Jim?' He said, 'Acid." And that's when he opened the drawer and in the nightstand. And there was a purple light coming out of there. I don't know, was it lit. ... I thought, 'Am I in a movie here?" There were little vials of purple liquid, and I swear the damn stuff was glowing. 'You want some?' And I said, 'Jim, not now. We've come to get you. Were playing tonight. And he had a kilo. A brick. He had a brick of grass."

Is that not hillarious? This was the night that Jim improvised the Oedipal part of "The End" for the very first time. John didn't know Oedipus Rex (the Greek tragedy where Oedipus unknowingly kills his father and sleeps with his mother) so he thought Jim was psycho. (Oedipus is pronounced Edipus.)

7) The Doors thought that doing a concert on a farm in the middle of New York state sounded stupid. That's why they missed Woodstock.

8) In the Hollywood Bowl performance, Jim smokes. However, Jim didn't normally smoke cigarettes.

9) "The End" started off as a 2 1/2 to 3 minute song.

10) Ray and Jim went to Lou Adler to try and get him to sign the band. He listened to a few seconds of each song and said, "There's nothing here I can use." Jim replied, "Well, that's good, man. 'Cause we don't want to be used."

11) Jim used to call GT500 "the blue lady".

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"There are things known and things unknown and in between are The Doors..."
Jim Morrison
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